Take Time to Pray

April 23, 2018

Over the past 6 months, diligent work has been done on helping One88 transition from a ministry of Eastview Community Church to an independent church community. We have been seeking partners to help with this transition. There are 2 significant dates that we invite you to pray into.

Wednesday April 25 we meet with the Board of our Manitoba Mennonite Brethren conference, asking them to be a transitional bridge for us for 2 years as we grow a core community to help sustain the work at One88.
On Tuesday June 5, Eastview Church meets for its annual Spring Meeting. At this point, the church congregation is being asked to support the transitional plan.

Pray for:

• A clear presentation and understanding on the significance of One88 in this neighbourhood.
• God’s prompting in the hearts of other churches and groups to partner and participate with us.
• God’s grace to cover the process and that we will be faithful to God’s leading in this process
• A clear sense that this is God’s work and we need each other in order to thrive as a community.
• The ongoing work at One88. Amidst all the meetings, the ministry carries on. God continues to move in people’s lives in beautiful ways.

Thank you for being willing to participate and pray into this important time. Feel free to connect with us for more information or conversation.

“For the love of Christ urges us on…” (2 Cor 5.14)

One88 Information Evening

You are invited to help sustain the ministry at One88 by becoming a Friend of One88. The invitation is three-fold

1. To support financially (through one-time or on-going giving)

2. To support through prayer (become part of our prayer list)

3. To get involved in the ministry at One88 (volunteering time and gifts)

If you would like more information, please connect with Dave at 188 @ Thanks for your consideration.
We are planning a second information evening in Fall 2017. If you want to ensure you receive an invitation, please email the address listed in the section below.

Summer 2017 Schedule Update

With the warming of the Sun comes vacation time and the changing of the schedule! Keep up-to-date with happenings at One88. (This lets you know when events are NOT happening or when there are special events. Otherwise the schedule will run as usual)

July 4 – NO Monday Praxis
July 7 – NO Friday Movie @ Noon (Drop-in open until 1pm)

July 10 – NO Monday Praxis
July 14 – NO Friday Movie @ Noon (Drop-in open until 1pm)

July 18 – NO Tuesday Community in Conversation

July 19-30 Winnipeg Fringe Festival in Upper Room

July 20 – NO Thursday Gathering

July 25 – NO Tuesday Community in Conversation
July 27 – NEIGHBOURHOOD BBQ/POTLUCK in Greenspace on Ross Ave
July 29 – NO Games Night
July 30 – NO Open Circle Coffeehouse

Aug 2 – NO Tuesday Community in Conversation

Aug 6 – Sunday Morning Worship – 10:30am