God wants the best for ALL of you…the church should want that too.

Sit in any church on any given Sunday and at numerous times throughout the service, you are asked to look at something in your bulletin/program or sing songs off the overhead screen or grab a Bible from the pew and turn to a particular passage. But what if you can’t read? What do you do then?

We often talk about God being interested in the whole person – not simply a person’s heart. God cares about what you fill your mind with, how you treat your body, and what you let your eyes focus on, etc. At One88, we try to take that seriously and so we spend time worshiping God with our body, heart, and mind but we also try to take care of how he has made us. One of the ways we do that is by encouraging people to learn to read, write, and generally move forward in their education. Many of us take for granted that we can fill out a form without too much problem, never mind read it. Or that we have the technological resources to type up and print out a resume. We see that God values the whole of a person and we think we should to.

This value of holistic ministry led us to start up a Wednesday evening study/mentor evening. Below is an article that our partner – the Canadian MB Conference – put together.  Come check it out Wednesdays at One88.

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