A Call to Prayer and Fasting

Join us in taking time to pray and fast as we seek God’s will and direction for One88. On Friday, November 3 there is a meeting at Eastview in which the church will decide whether or not to sell the building at 188 Princess St. We want to be faithful in following God’s leading, knowing that he has started building a church community at One88.

Below are some points to pray through as you spend time with God. Fasting creates space in our days for God to speak into and work in our lives. At the end of this article, there are some guidelines for fasting. Feel free to pray and fast as you feel led throughout the next while. Join us in fasting on Friday as we come to the meeting.


1. Jesus has a heart for the poor, disenfranchised, marginalized. That is where he spent his time.

Jesus says, “Blessed are the poor in Spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Scripture tells us that there is an intrinsic connection between worship of God and care for the poor (Deut 26.10-19). In fact, Scripture says when we encounter God when we encounter the poor/marginalized (Matt 25.31-46). As part of Jesus’ body (church), we need to reflect that heart; the church reflects the nature of God in the world.

2. Jesus’ prayer is that the church be one, be unified (John 17)

For sake of church’s witness in the world important that there is willingness to work through this difficult time with grace and integrity, even in midst of disagreement.

3. Eastview (our mother church) has to deal with a deficit

The church has been running a deficit for a number of years. The recommendation from Eastview leadership is to sell property at 188 Princess and re-evaluate what ministry looks like as a way of dealing with that deficit.

4. One88 represents a real community of people who are seeking after Jesus together, that is, a church.

While the immediate issue may be “bricks and mortar,” One88 is a community of people. It’s a church. Real needs are being met and its loss represents a gap in this community. Our desire is first and foremost the wellbeing of this community.

5. The potential for what One88 can still become is great.

As community grows and takes shape, it is positioned to have profound impact – both socially and spiritually. It is in the coming together of these social and spiritual realities that people begin to discover transformation.

a. Socially positioned to help find solutions to issues that plague downtowns. One88 takes a holistic approach: not just food/water, not just housing, not just ‘preaching’ but working with the whole of a person. The social network around us is starting to recognize that.

b. Spiritually positioned in the sense that churches realize charity only goes so far. Charity It is friendship that helps change live—on both sides of the friendship. We are looking at opportunities to work together with a variety of others in order to make impact. There are others looking in to support and be part of the work taking place here. Eastview gave birth to One88 but over 5 years, it has become larger than just Eastview.


  • Consider fasting for 24 hours. If you have never fasted, consider a juice fast (only fruit juices) or fasting from supper to supper. You can also fast from snacks and use that time for prayer instead. Don’t let the idea be intimidating.
  • Only fast more than 24 hours if you are familiar with this discipline.
  • In fasting, you are creating space that you normally use to satisfy bodily needs to talk with and listen to God. In doing so, you let go of personal desires and seek after God’s will. Scripture is a good way to listen to God as is spending time in focused prayer. Use the Scripture passages listed above to guide your reading. The book of Ephesians can be added to your reading as well.